Thursday, June 25, 2009

I like food!

I am sure that it’s no surprise to those who know me that I love food. I was talking with a friend recently who we often have dinner with. She told me how surprised other people are when she tells them she is cooking for a chef. They expect that a chef eats gourmet food 24/7 and would disdain anything else. Well it’s not true!

I find joy in comfort foods like a perfect mac ‘n’ cheese with meatloaf, to gourmet duck confit, to the late night runs for the border [ yes people know I’m a Taco Bell fan, but don’t tell anyone ;) ] My husband says a true gourmand is like a musician, they like everything, not just the classics or avant-garde, so long as it is done well.

I find my self overjoyed when the seasons start to change and new produce is on the market. I try hard to get the best of every season; right now I can’t pass by cherries and I am awaiting my apricot tree to ripen.

To those who want to be gourmet, I say be a foodie instead and enjoy everything!

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