Monday, July 6, 2009

Great Places

One of the best things in my field is that you never know where you will be. I have the chance to work in some spectacular locations. Just last week we did a first time event for the Eames Foundation at their "warehouse". (It's in quotes because the word does not do the buildings or the location justice.)

Charles and Ray Eames were designers and creators of mid century design. Most widely known is the Eames chair. To me this was incredible. Their grand daughter walked in and said it was for Eames and I jaw dropped as I said “Eames chair, power of 10?”. These are just a couple of the things that this incredible couple did.

The family has built a foundation to help care for the legacy of design and items that were created. From pieces for 8 world fairs to their iconic designs to private work shops for the family. Who would have known?

We catered for the first annual event at their warehouse, where they are repairing and cataloging all of the items. Of course I planned a walk through to see the facility and plan they layout for the event, little did I know that it would be a private tour. I felt a bit embarrassed because I could not keep my jaw closed for all of the incredible things that I got to see. The contents are historic, the buildings fabolous and all set out by themselves amidst our rolling hills. It was beyond picturesque.

I have gotten to cater in million dollar homes, for presidents and movie stars, this will go down as one of the most incredible to me personally.

Thank you Eames Foundation.

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