Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back in the Saddle... well almost

As with everyone the holiday season flies by with a flourish.  In a catering company it can feel more like a hurricane. This year we kept very busy – sorry for the limited posts.

There were a couple of trends coming back; there were a lot more cocktail parties (people were having parties- yeah), but in a more casual atmosphere, often at home.  Tray service hors d’oeuvres are defiantly making a comeback.  Those beautiful delicious bites, are the star of the season. With all of the rain that we had most of the parties were a bit cozy, but this style is perfect for that.

On the corporate side we saw many companies doing parties again this year (a big up tick from last year), however bringing them in house at the office, and eschewing the fancy ball room variety.  I've been a big proponent of this for many years.  I love big fancy parties, but for company parties I think casual is often better.  Bring in lunch for the staff at noon or one o'clock and let them enjoy with their co-workers.  The holiday weekends are just so busy with family and friends this time of year that they will appreciate you freeing up that Saturday night.

Thank you to everyone for a great holiday season, and here is to a great new year!


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