Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wayfare Tavern

Had a wonderful dinner out in SF this last week.  It's always hard to decide where to go, there are so many great places, how to decide where to go?  Do you go to a past favorite?  Try somewhere new?  Who is hot? Who is not?  After asking around I chose to go to Tyler Florence’s new place Wayfare Tavern.  Located in the financial district  about a 10 minute walk from the ferry building – I had to do some shopping.

Decorated in classic dark wood with a fire place it has a warm and cozy feel.  The menu is made of classic American cuisine with some modern touches.  One of the first things that caught my eye on the menu was the foie gras and French toast – a favorite dish every time; we also chose the ahi crudo that was prepared in a unique style as large pieces of tuna instead of the finer chop that you expect.

I had to ask what one of the itmes on the menu was – Poutine.  The waiter went to explain it as the national dish of Canada- aha, I thought, the French fries with cheese and gravy.  They dressed theirs up with a bit of white truffle oil.

And no American menu can be finished without having fried chicken.  Theirs is brined then rubbed with rosemary and finished with a very light fired crust.

As I headed toward the back of the stairs I look over at a table of chef’s that were having their daily meeting, and there was Tyler with his cooks.  Our wiater said that he is there often, between opeing restaunts in both Napa and Mill Valley in the near future.


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