Monday, March 21, 2011


Just recently we were at a catering conference in Las Vegas, yeah Vegas baby!  Well not really to me.  After having gone down almost annually for 8 years it wears off.  This year however we got to stay in the new Cosmopolitan that is attached to the new city center.  To all of the foodies out there this is a huge great thing. There are new restaurants with new menus.

Back In the 80’s when vegas was reborn all of the great chefs of the time opened restaurants, the problem is they opened and left them. Many of the menus are very stale and typical of that time. The new city center with the Cosmo and the Aria have some great new places to try.

This brings me to the actual point of this blog, we went to Todd English’s PUB.  I happen to like Todd English’s Olives in the Bellagio (mostly the bar- love the Sling Back) so it was definitely on my want to try list.  We ordered up a plate of dirty chips, fresh potato chips, bacon, blue cheese and chicken livers.  My husband always comments that you can tell when there is a chef at the table by what they get excited by; I love chicken livers, fried, sautéed, terrine... yum.  These were delicately fried and set around the chips. Sorry to say the dish overall was way too salty, even cocktails could not wash it down, but the chicken livers were great; could have done a whole plate of them alone.

As a chef, my thank you to all of the restaurants that add those special dishes that I go looking for.


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