Friday, May 6, 2011

Magnum, how do I love thee…

Magnum how do I love thee! (No, not Tom Selleck, better!)

Hubby and I love to travel, we have been lucky over the years to go to many incredibly beautiful places.  On a trip 7 or 8 years ago to Fiji, on the last day that we were there we found these incredible ice cream bars. They were ice cream , dipped in chocolate , then either caramel or fudge, and then dipped in chocolate again. Oh my god, just the perfect touch for vacation.

We came home on a mission to find more of these, but sadly found out some other ice cream bar had a copy right on the name in North America.  So these wonderful treats were beyond reach.

As we traveled more be began looking for Magnum ice cream bars anywhere we went. I have spent years introducing other travelers to this little bit of heaven.

Just the other night on TV there they are they have been introduced to the US.  Yes I got off the couch and had to go buy one immediately.  The variety is limited here but I am sure more will be coming.  I am personally a double caramel fan.

Now the problem, since they were not here I was able to keep to a couple per year.  Now I can see weight gain in my future!  Must. Be. Strong!


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