Saturday, May 9, 2009

Passion Fruit

I recently blogged that one of my favorite new flavors this season is passion fruit. This tropical fruit has always been around but it starting to show up on more menus. It is traditionally grown in frost free areas, our area is a bit chancy, but I am hoping to plant one this summer. It is a climbing vine with beautiful flowers too boot. The flavor palate is very full and quite sour; also beware of a touch of bitter on the back.

While in Vegas at a conference we were unable to get a table at one of my favorite restaurants, Todd English’s Olives, so we sidled up to the bar for a cocktail. The bartender was mixing a cocktail called a “sling back”. Here is my home recipe as I have recreated it:

Rim a 6 oz Martini Glass with bar sugar
1 oz passion fruit puree (this is the pure stuff, not just juice)
2 oz heavy simple syrup
(2 cups of sugar boiled with 1 cup of water- cooled
this will hold well and makes great lemonade too)
3 oz Vodka, my preference for mixing is Ketel One or Absolut
½ lime squeezed
Fill cocktail shaker with crushed Ice
Add all ingredients and shake well
Pour into sugared glass

Look for passion fruit in many dessert items. A local favorite of mine is by Patisserie Angelic. Their coconut cake with passion fruit curd makes my toes curl! Thank you Condra and Deborah.

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