Thursday, May 28, 2009

To Cake or Not to Cake

What kind of cake for your wedding? What a decision! And now you have more options than ever, including non-traditional cakes and even alternatives to cake.

Over the years wedding traditions change greatly. One of the classics is the wedding cake, I have been enjoying a more creative twist on this classic over the last few years. Couples are choosing to show more of their personalities in the dessert that they serve.

I was recently in a wedding myself (personally not professionally) in Australia where I was thrilled to be served dessert first, and then the bride and groom cut a fondant iced fruit cake. Fruit cakes are very traditional in England and their Commonwealth.

Here in the US the multi-tier cake is king and one of the centerpiece decorations of a wedding. Stacked or tiered, square or round, butter cream or fondant they come in all sizes and shapes and flavors. But I'm finding couples are looking outside regular desserts and adding their own twists. Cupcakes are gaining in favor, stacked on a large tiered platform to rival a wedding cake. We have also done donut cakes in the same manner (that is a great story for another time). This weekend I had a couple who loved Italy and we served Tiramisu; a very rich silky dessert that is a layering of espresso soaked ladyfingers and rich Mascarpone cheese. What I loved was the presentation. We made a giant Martini glass for the cake top and then served scoops in smaller martini glasses for the guests. You should have seen the Bride and Groom’s eyes when I handed them their own giant glass.

In all of my years in the kitchen I have never met a dessert I did not like, it is a great way to bring in a culture, country or heritage for a personal touch.


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