Monday, August 10, 2009

Amber & Julia

I have been waiting to see the movie Julie and Julia, I plan a Tuesday matinee in a nice quiet theater. Maybe I’ll bring a snack the Julia would approve of.

I am hoping the movie is as fun spirited as Julia was herself. I had the pleasure to cook with her once when in cooking school. While at the CIA I was in the service club. The group did tours for guests and tourists and help with dignitaries. I was lucky enough to be a kitchen helper when Julia did a cooking demo. If you can imagine a school full of wannabe chefs, getting in was hard enough let alone to help in the kitchen.

19 years old and helping Julia Childs doing a cooking demo. Wow, she could tell that I was obviously nervous along with the other 5 students. We are chopping and cleaning and trying not to be in the way, when one of the students makes a mistake and Julia says “there’s not a mistake in the kitchen that I have not made” and moves right along with what she was doing. I think that day that I learned that no mistake is not correctable, just keep your cool and love what you do.

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