Saturday, August 8, 2009


This last year I have spent time reminiscing – yes I had the 40th birthday and enjoyed looking back. I realized that my memoirs won’t be a scrapbook or a photo album but a cookbook. I’ve been a foodie from the start and many of my memories are linked to food. This cookbook wouldn’t be just your traditional recipes and pictures but more like the ones from your grandmother; you know, the ones with no amounts and sketchy instructions.

From getting up at 6am to go to the farmer’s market with my Grandfather when I was only 6 years old or remembering canning apricots with my Grand mother. (Apricots my grandfather probably “harvested” from an orchard that was a little too close to the road.)

Here are a few that stick out in my memory. I love them, but I can't say I recommend them; they are all tied up in childhood memories so my enjoyment of them may be biased. If you feel adventurous, try them out and leave a comment.

From Auntie Jane I remember "Texas Green Salad". The most basic salad ever, but I'd call it quintessential and quaint: Ice berg Lettuce, chopped tomatoes and cucumber, Best Foods mayonnaise and salt and pepper

From Baba the best Chicken Marinate: White wine, chopped dried onions and parsley. Cover the chicken with the marinate 24 hours before BBQ - Grill slow and long - still a family favorite.

From Mom: Porcupine Meat Balls- a classic Campbell’s recipe (meatballs made from classic meatloaf mixed with minute rice and cooked in tomato soup). I made them recently and had to tell my Niece that they actually were not made of porcupine. My husband loves them.

An all time favorite from Grama: Hershey butter cream frosting between graham crackers then frozen.


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