Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Perfect "Pear"

It's a very special occasion when I get to do an event for one of our own staff members.  This weekend we had a wedding for a staff member of 6 years.  She was the mellowest bride that I have ever had, I asked her why and she simply said “ I have you” and after having worked both in the kitchen and on events she knows how smooth things go.

Their location was at The Bridal Path in Santa Rosa.  A private venue that specializes in horse carriages. The bride arrive in a white horse drawn carriage with her father and then enjoyed a carriage ride and champagne with her new husband.  This location was just beautiful with a pond and spring time flowers.


Her mom hand made all of the Pear shaped candles as the wedding favors.  They are such a perfect “pear”!

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