Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hot Chocolate in Paris

When planning a trip you can imagine the number of food sites that I visit and the restaurant research that goes into it.  One item in pasris that kept coming up was hot chocolate.  We are not talking your American cocoa.  Theirs is a rich thick decadent but small cup.  The surprise was to me was that it was not sweet.  It is made with unsweetened chocolate and half and half, even the whipped cream on top is unsweetened.  It is served with sugar packets on the side just like coffee, and yes I used 2 of them.  It was very good and interesting.  I was expecting something very sweet and syrupy, bound to make me just little regretful after drinking it.  This was fabulous.

It was hard to mix and keep it all in the cup. I think I need to work on a recipe, obviously Mr PSC enjoyed.

I've read about Parisian hot chocolate repeatedly, and no one ever mentioned this.  It makes me wonder if this was just a specialty of this restaurant; with all we ate on that trip, we never did manage to get a cup elsewhere.

Any experience with French hot chocolate?

David Lebovitz book "The Sweet Life in Paris" referred us to this particular cafe (P√Ętisserie Viennoise).  His Hot Chocolate recipe can be found here, which is obviously not sweet.


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