Sunday, February 17, 2013

Singapore (Crystal Jade Dim Sum)

Since we are in the slow season for catering I was able to take a couple of weeks off and travel; I was particularly impressed with some of the food in Singapore and in Ubud, Bali.


First Dim Sum in Singapore

Crystal Jade is a chain of restaurants that were suggested to us and luckily they had an outpost at the airport

We  had Crispy Eel (not shown), I am a huge eel fan.  The thin slices of eel were dusted and fried crisp in a ligtly sweet sauce.  I need time to play  with the recipe.

 The second item with a steamed pork roll (right).  Center cut pork loin wrapped around perfectly cut carrots and cucumber steamed and served with a hoisin drizzle

Pork Belly Buns (above).  Steamed sweet bread that was topped with tender pork belly, good but I like ours better.

We also had a great meal in Bali, which I'll blog about shortly.


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