Thursday, September 10, 2009

We all scream for ice cream!

We are always looking for something new and fun to do on events.  Here are a couple that we have used that guests love.

Being raised in Petaluma the ice cream truck always came through the neighborhood, you could hear that tune a block away. Now John Seratt has restored that same old ice cream truck. It looks brand new and really harkens back to childhood for anyone who grew up with it.  He still makes the daily tours through the neighborhoods, and you can hire him to come out to your private party too.

Imagine a great day of BBQ, fun and games, and then the ice cream truck pulls up. Talk about a blast from the past, just as if we were kids again.

We have had the cutest thing at two weddings recently; Cici’s Gelato.  They are an organic gelato company out of Mill Valley that is often at the local farmer’s markets and now they have branched out and will come to your private event. The two owners come with this adorable bike set up with two coolers and up to 6 flavors of gelato for your guests.  They can do traditional flavors to gourmet creations like Strawberry Basil.

You go guys!


  1. Love the video! Who knew it took so much work? It takes a MASTER to make it look so seamless.

  2. Ice Cream truck has always been popular in the older times.. Having an ice cream makes people young at heart..Just hearing a music from the ice cream trucks makes most people and kids scream for an ice cream.. =)