Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cheese, glorious cheese

Did I mention that I like cheese?  It could be my true down fall in trying to eat healthy.  I would rather have a wedge of cheese and bread then an entire dinner, and have done so in the past.

There are so many great local cheese – where do you even start?  I thought that I would take them one at a time.

Let’s start with St George by the Matos Family, a locally made (Ilano road, Santa Rosa) semi hard cheese with a cheddary flavor.  The recipe was brought over in the 70’s from the Azores in Portugal.  This is a great one to put out in a wedge and just chip away at. It goes great with apples and pears but also stands up well to our spiced almonds and would go well with beer.

A nice one to put out to nibble on at a party or a ball game.


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