Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Just last week I had a client ask for a Halloween menu.  Halloween doesn't have anything traditional like Turkey or Ham (unless you want a big bowl of candy for dinner), so I did more of a play on words to spice it up.

Here are a fewof ideas:

Turn goulash (a warm pork or beef stew) into Ghoulash, and tell them it is made with werewolf shoulder (ha ha).

We did witches hair and eyeballs aka spaghetti and meat balls.

The fun one was we took small Phyllo cups (available in your freezer section) made a savory pumpkin, white truffle and parmesan filling (the color was great bright orange) and then a sliver of olive – it looked just like a cat’s eye.

Remember it is ok to play with your food.


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