Friday, December 4, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

When you think of winter most people think of snowflakes and Christmas carols, me I love the winter farmers market. The bright colors of summer may be gone but there so many wonderful things to find, so I picked up a weeks worth of culinary treats.

That night our dinner started with Brussels sprouts; young and fresh, roasted and then tossed with a bit of Point Reyes Blue.  Who needs mac 'n' cheese!

For a snack I picked up the first of the Satsuma tangerines.  I love the loose fitting skins that nearly fall off when you peel them.

The first Meyer lemons are already out, it seems a bit early, but I cannot pass them up when they smell just like perfume.  Those went in to a bit of a treat by way of a Lemon Drop cocktail; nothing beats fresh lemon in this and no lemon beats Meyers.  I haven't been happy with traditional lemon drop recipes, but Jim came up with a good one (he can't cook, but he can mix):
   2 parts Vodka
   1 part Lemoncello (an Italian lemon liquor)
   1 part fresh lemon juice
   1 Tbl spoon fine sugar
   1 part water
   lemon zest
Shake well with ice, and serve up in a sugar rimmed martini glass.

Inverness by Cow Girl Creamery (a hand made cows milk cheese in a Brie style) paired beautifully with the Lemon Drop.  The clean flavor of the cheese against the rich lemon flavors were an awsome combination.  Cheese is nor only for wine. Try it and enjoy.

I still have the Yellow Finn potatoes, one of my favorites.  I feel they lost out when Yukon Gold potatoes got popular. The yellow finns are a better roasting potato.  With just Olive Oil, Salt &Pepper you have home made fries in the oven –MMM dinner tonight?

For my sister the Pomegranates are out there - pretty for decorations or a snack.

After visiting Spain a couple of years ago my husband found a taste for fresh roasted chestnuts. Just place a small X slit in the bottom of each one and roast in the oven, or an open fire if you have one. Enjoy.

It might be nippy in the mornings but you will find great treasures there.


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