Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nick's Cove and rolling green hills

As a chef I have rarely had Sundays off.  Even owning my own company Sundays are a day of work, bridal appointments and sometimes the quiet day of the week to get a few things done like menu writing, creating and ordering.  My weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday. This last weekend (Tuesday) when we finally had some sunshine I had to take advantage of it and go for a ride.

During January-March when business is (supposedly) slower I recharge my batteries and cultivate ideas to prepare for the season ahead.  This week we decided to hit the road to the coast.. Should it be Bodega Bay?  Not this time.  Maybe out to the lighthouse?  No, the weather was not that good.  Instead we head out to Tomales Bay - a chance for a beautiful ride through our green rolling hills.  And it is green right now, every shade of green.

After buzzing through the city of Tomales we headed south along highway one. Deciding to stop for lunch at Nick’s Cove. I had heard for a while that they were bringing great things to Marshall (town of about 80 people) and boy were they right.

Situated right on the pier overlooking the bay we had a great lunch. The view across the water of the birds and the boats was wonderful and so was the food.

They do a great locally produced menu, being members of Marin Organic.  I had a blood orange & arugula salad with toasted almonds and one of my favorites Truffle Tremor from Cypress Grove.  Jim had a grilled treviso (a member of the radicchio family) salad with fried fresh oysters, and of course we had to share a bowl of clam chowder.  A great location to take a drive and enjoy the day. They now have a number of cabins right on the water to rent- I am thinking of a moonlight night out there- maybe this summer. 


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