Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Blues

February is always such an odd month in the catering calendar.  It seems that people like to hunker down, the slowest month of the year.  The farmer’s market is looking a bit dull, I love my root vegetables but only so many.  You know that the spring is so close you can feel it, that things are just yearning to pop up or bloom out.  My days are filled with planning for the Summer season, meeting with many (many) Brides and Grooms, planning menus, doing tastings and site visits...  This is looking to be a really fun year with several new venues that we'll be catering at, and some interesting menus.

The highlight of these cool days have been tacos.  I have just had the want for tacos.  From Asian inspired with Thai grilled chicken to pork chili verde or just classic carne asada, I can’t get enough.  I have discovered that the local Mexican markets have these adorable 4” corn tortillas that are just perfect size.  Just like little taco sliders.

For the Asian inspired I grilled chicken thighs with our Bali BBQ sauce (sweet and slightly spice) then warmed the tortillas and topped with shredded cabbage and cilantro.  Very simple, very good.

The Chili Verde came from an over cooked pork tender loin.  I diced the pork and onion then sautéed them, simmered in a bit of green chili enchilada sauce – sometimes mistakes turn out great!

Spring will be here soon…I hope :)

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