Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day

Chocolates vs. Bonbons?  If you ask most people they will say chocolate, well I guess that I'm on the other side. My favorite candy is the Maple Pecan Bonbon from See’s.  This all started many years ago, when we were kids my mom would buy us the candy egg assortment from See’s. To be fair she would always give us each three chocolate and three bonbon. We would immediately swap to have 6 of our favorites; my sister Chocolate and me Bonbon.

So what is a Bonbon you may ask.  In much of the world a bonbon is synonomous with candy, but in a more culinary sense a bonbon is a bite size sweet (not chocolate) that is covered with a thin shell of fondant (sugar) or chocolate.  The more traditional bonbon is a fruit filling with a fondant covering (mmm fondant).  As opposed to a truffle which has a thick chocolate covering and a soft center which may also be chocolate.

See’s no longer does the egg assortment, but they still have a number of handmade bonbons to choose from, including my favorite.

My valentine was a trail of my favorite bonbons to get me through the day. Thank you love.

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