Friday, August 6, 2010


I love cheese.

We'll be doing a special event at The Village in Corte Madera.  They have asked for our Sonoma County Bounty each week into October.  The fun part is that I am able to bring in a few more cheeses than usual to mix it up each week.

There is a newer cheese maker out of Nicasio, Nicasio Valley Cheese Company.  I'm trying out two of theirs - the Nicasio Square, a soft cow’s milk cheese and Black Mountain, a Swiss Italian cheese with a deep rich finish.  I also brought in Cameo a camembert inspired goat cheese from Redwood Hills Farms- great people.

I have long time been a fan of Cypress Grove Creamery out of Humboldt  a little bit further than my typical 100 mile radius for local cheeses, but well worth it) you don’t see too many sheep’s milk cheeses out there but they tend to be my favorite.

Don’t be afraid to pick up a new cheese the next time you are at the market.  A little bit goes a long way.  We plan approx 2oz per person on our cheese displays accented with seasonal fruits (love the figs right now) and then a great baguette. This could be dinner for me!

Here's the complete list of the new cheeses I'm trying out for the Village event in case you would like to look for them at the market:

Lambchopper – A smooth, almost buttery, organic cheese with a light and fruity aroma from Cypress Grove Creamery in Humboldt County. (semi-firm / sheep milk / pasteurized)

Capricious – A traditional California Dry Jack with rustic, pebbled rind and semi-hard yet smooth texture, caramel flavor and a mild pungency at the finish from the Achadinha Cheese Company in Sonoma County. (firm / goats milk / pasteurized)

Nicasio Square – A washed-rind cheese, aged for 30 days from Nicasio Valley Cheese Company in Marin County. (soft / cows milk / pasteurized / traditional rennet not vegetarian)Cameo – A Camembert inspired tasty rind and creamy, smooth texture from Redwood Hill Farms in Sonoma County. (soft / goats milk / pasteurized)

Bermuda Triangle – A distinctive double rind of ash covered by a layer of velvety white bloom encouraging a firm, smooth interior from Cypress Grove in Humboldt County. (soft / goats milk / pasteurized)

Black Mountain – A Swiss Italian cheese with a deep rich finish from from Nicasio Valley Cheese Company in Marin County. (soft / cows milk / pasteurized / traditional rennet not vegetarian)

Pesto Jack – Another local favorite from the Sonoma Cheese Factory. (medium texture / cows milk / pasteurized)



  1. When will you be there? This could call for a tasting and a Nordies run!!

  2. @Sandie - It's for a concert series they're having every Friday over the next few weeks.