Thursday, August 19, 2010

How do you say Cheers in Australian?

Recently for my Husband's birthday we joined friends at Stark’s in Santa Rosa for an Aussie Dinner.  We were in Australia last year for the wedding of my best friend from college, and had spoken so often of the trip that our friends wanted to join us for the dinner.

The menu they put together was creative and utilized many down under ingredients.  One of Jim's favorite items from the trip had been Kangaroo.  Yes they eat Kangaroo, you can even purchase it in the grocery store, the section is similar to that of veal here in the states. They did a ground skewer of it with vegimite sauce, as well as shrimp from the Barbi.  Our group doesn't happen to be wine drinkers, but each course was pair with a wine, so Stark's actually created cocktail pairings for us (that's good customer service!).  Our first selection was a thunder down under a ginger beer and gin combination- very refreshing.

Dinner was a three course combination of Barramundi (a wonderful white fish), Lamb –always a favorite with our table . With dinner they made another great cocktail that was fresh and very limey (but I just can't remember the name!).  For dessert they made Pavlova (an original Austrailian dessert created to honor a Russian balerina) which is a baked meringue and always one of my husbands favorite desserts.

I was thrilled that Starks’ did this dinner and while we were there they mentioned a Redneck dinner- their fans are waiting


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