Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring is the trend for 2010

As Spring rolls in, so do the weddings and special events for the year. I’ve been spending much of my time in meetings discussing menus and ideas. This is the time of year I get to see what the food trends will be for the upcoming year.

It’s my hope (as much as anyone) that the worst of the financial crunch is behind us, and I’m seeing that in the party plans, the menus, and the sheer number of events. One trend that I see changing this year is comfort food. When everything was in an economic upheaval we turned to comfort foods, things that make you feel warm and safe. Last year was all about comfort food; traditional foods, simple and often heavy (in a good way). But, as we are feeling safer we are coming out of our cocoons and breathing a breath of fresh air, which shows in the menus.

This year is about fresh, light foods. Not avant-garde, but menus that let the food do the talking. Natural, organic and creative are the watch words more than ever in the past. I love it.

I am often asked what my “food style” is. My answer is very simple – good food done well. I believe in using great products from local vendors whenever possible, and letting them shine. Keep preparations creative but simple. Add a creative pairing or unexpected flavor to something that is familiar. Things that don’t need to be fussed over, with healthy choices having a strong point.

As the rain is falling I look out the window to remember the great sunny days that we’ve had recently and look forward to a great summer.


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