Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gin is Back! (not that it ever really left)

The classic cocktail is making its way back into American culture, Speak Easys are popping up- one will be opening up in Santa Rosa this year, and we are beginning to experiment with different types of alcohol, and looking to formerly passe (is that passe-passe?) beverages for inspiration.

Gin, which has been relegated to Martinis and your classic Gin and Tonic (add a lime and it's a Gin Ricky), is getting a lot more play.  Many of the bartenders enjoy the complexity of its flavor to accent their creations.  I've recently joined them.  The herbal accents work really well to highlight other ingredients.

My Dad has always been a gin drinker- Bombay Sapphire is his favorite.  I'm new to gin, never really liked it, or at least thought I didn't.  The first time I ordered a gin cocktail he was a bit surprised.

My current favorite is Gin and Grapefruit juice.  It makes the grapefruit juice sweet at the same time the bitterness blends well.  I had a great blackberry cocktail last year and I am waiting for season to try to duplicate it.

The next time you are out, take a look at the bar menu and try something new. You just might like it!


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