Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coconut Mango Prawns

We've already had several requests for the Coconut Mango Prawns recipe we served at Dutcher Crossing Winery last weekend.  Here it is:

Mango Chili Sauce
2 cups Frozen Mangos
3 cups Sweet Chili Sauce (often found in Asian or Vietnamese shops)
Puree Togehther, that's all there is to the sauce.  Simple but very good.

Coconut Panko
1 cup Shredded Coconut
1 cup Panko Bread Crumbs
¼ tsp Kosher Salt
¼ tsp Cumin
Mix together well

Coconut Prawns
3 lbs Large Prawns (21/25 per pound)
Clean prawns, all but tails of shell removed (slit the back to remove black vein)
Then split approximately 2/3rds thru to butterly the meat
Toss in Corn Stach
Dip in Egg Wash
Toss in Coconut Panko Crusting
Shrimp can be made and frozen ahead - cooking time might be longer if still frozen

Deep fry in canola oil at 350 degress for 5 to 6 minutes
Serve on cilantro leaves
Drizzle with mango chili sauce


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  1. I had these at Dutcher Crossing; they were absolutely fabulous!